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Section 2 Develop Team Cohesion and Facilitate Teamwork

Page 41
Time/Distance/Number/Events are all measure of Quantitive data?

Give an example of this working in your current workplace (3 sentences max).

What will you measure? How will you measure it and analyse the results?

Page 42
People’s opinions are measures of Qualitive data?

Page 43
Communication could happen where eg meetings. Give four other examples

Page 44
List five good role model examples

Page 46
What is a good way to give constructive feedback? (three sentences)
Good way is to Delivering a feedback sandwich,that's mean * Beginning feedbacks with a possitive comment. * Delivering negative feedback in the middle. * Ending by giving additional positive feedback.

Give four reasons that people change their behaviour * When delivering bad news by positive fedback. * Team member begine to fear praise * Avoid all form of feedback * Additional negative feedback.

Page 47
How do you feel when you are told you are not good?
For sure at the beginning I feel bad but this negative feeling improves me and makes me better than previous.

How do you feel when you are told that what you did was not good?
I am felling better than above because at this point I am focusing on the problem and not on myself.It makes me watch the problem of the edge ,recognize mistakes and improve next time.

Page 48
When a problem appears, we should (pick one of the following): immediately react/respond consider and ask questions do nothing and hope it goes away

What are some of the processes you can use to solve a business problem? Name four. * Probless-solving processes * Comunication processes * Technology processes * Managment processes

Page 49
When solving a problem, do you ask questions (who, what, when where or why) or state your

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