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In this tutorial, I learned about Appreciate Inquiry, which is a practical framework of emotion in leadership. Appreciate inquiry is an approach from Positive Organisational Scholarship (POS), which focuses on companies creating positive work life and performance. The four key components of positive organizational scholarship (POS) are self-efficacy, hope, optimism and resiliency. I practiced AI by following 3 steps consisting of Positive priming, Group discussion and provided positive answer to the question Student contribution in tutorials on the BSc in Business management and how it can be even better, even stronger.
The tutorial delivered an emotion- based approach that leader may adapt to implement change in organisation. Through the Appreciate Inquiry, a leader as well as subordinates should have the ability think more positively and thus be able to manage organisational performance through positive changes. The practice of Appreciate Inquiry also introduces a new approach to understanding of emotion and leadership; it concentrates more on the positive emotion and cognitive process rather than the negative sides as it helps to identify the strengths and opportunity
Being in AI mode; I felt that thinking positively did provide a number of advantages. The AI allowed me to minimise or ignore all the negative factors or counter argument for every point I make for the improvement in Business Management improvement issue. This allowed me to think forward, identify and assess strengths and opportunity rather than just weakness and threats. I was good experience since I don't have to put the issue as a debate where you have to put argument and debate in the thought process. Thus I was able to be more creative and development positive solutions to the issues that could offset the negative factors. Also teamwork helps to enhance each member’s cognitive process and thus my group was able to produce better answers to the highlighted questions.
What I gained from practicing AI was that the positive principle of Appreciate Inquiry has an significant strong point is that through creating positive affect, a leader may be able to generate more qualitative outcome (such as values, social bonds) rather than quantitative outcome. Better qualitative outcome may then produce good quantitative outcome in the long run. The Appreciate Inquiry also helps to enhance leader’s emotion power and emotion intelligence. According to George (2000) about emotional intelligence, leader’s emotions and mood are proved to have direct influence to emotions of subordinates. Therefore, applying AI may have leader maintain and manage performance of the subordinates.
From what I learn today, I expect to be able to apply the Appreciate Inquiry in situation where I am selected as the leader. This not only enhances my intelligence emotion in understanding and shaping people behaviour but also helps my leadership skill development. I am looking forward to be able to implement this in the next tutorials.

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