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Bus/475 Final Strategic Plan Week 5


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Final Strategic Plan and Presentation
Amy Paul
BUS/475 Individual Paper Week 5
Dallas Walton

Final Strategic Plan and Presentation

To start my strategic plan I would have to figure out my summary of my initial considerations for the business intended called Amy’s Flower Shop before its opening. Here are some initial strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and of course trends. Then one must find their vision mission, know their values, SWOTT analysis, and balanced scorecards and have a good communication plan in place before starting a business.

Summary of Initial SWOTT Analysis Considerations for the Business Strength | Providing healthy and fresh flowers with a big variety of flowers which can also be special colored if a customer so wishes and to add an Internet site for customers to order from home not just buy at Amy’s Flower Shop. | Weakness | To keep within the overhead costs for special coloring. | Opportunity | To bring in more customers by making a commercial about the business and what it can offer its clients and new customers that other stores do not offer such as coloring a rose purple, black naturally by contracting with a vendor that specializes in growing different colored flowers and a vendor that delivers fresh flowers in a variety of color ranges to give the customers what they want. | Threat | Competition with other flower shops | Trend | To be innovative, be honest in my business, with excellent services, competitive pricing and delivery time, and to appeal to the customers’ needs and wants |

This flower shop will provide flower packages, competitive prices, and great customer service to customers. The customer can shop online and or come to our shop and expect a good fine fresh selection of an array of flowers to meet their needs. We at this

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