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Seventh Edition
22952 Alcalde Drive, Laguna Hills, CA 92653 Phone: (888) 384-0849 ∼ Fax: (949) 707-2978 7:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (Monday – Friday) Email: Website:

Charlotte Hislop, Ph.D. Candidate, President/CEO Bonny Nickle, Ed.D., Provost Eric Sharkey, M.Ed., Director of Education Bill Luton, Ph.D., Director of Assessment and Dean of Business Carlo Tannoury, Ph.D. Candidate, Dean of Computer Information Systems Patricia Drown, Ph.D., Dean of Criminal Justice and General Studies C.J. Bishop, M.B.A., Institutional Research Frank Vazquez, Operations Director Parrish Nicholls, J.D., Director of Compliance Lindsay Oglesby, Admissions Director Abby Dolan, B.A., Registrar Sasha Heard, M.B.A., Student Services Manager Barbara Jobin, B.S.B.A., Career Center Manager Hugo Aguilar, B.A., Chief Financial Officer Richard Madrigal, B.A., Financial Aid Officer As a prospective student at Allied American University, you are encouraged to review this catalog prior to signing an enrollment agreement. You are also encouraged to review the student performance fact sheet which must be provided to you prior to signing an enrollment agreement. This catalog is not a contract between the student, AAU, or any party or parties. Reasonable effort was made at the time this document was created to ensure that all policies and provisions of this catalog were correct. AAU reserves the right to make changes and addendums to current policy as required. Students affected by policy changes will be advised by a message in the iBoard learning system.


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