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Functional Area Interrelationships

Functional Area Interrelationships
Team A will look at Kudler Fine Foods and analyze the company’s mission, vision, values, and goals. They will analyze the organizational goals and identify the key positions and conclude with collaboration of functional goals, vertical collaboration, and identify the key stakeholders and what their roles are.
Kudler Fine Foods vision was introduced by a woman who had the vision to open up her own gourmet shop, selling gourmet foods and tools that one would need. In 1998, she was able to do that with her first store in La Jolla, California. From there she went on to open up two more stores; one is in Encinitas, California and one in Del Mar.
When it comes to analyzing her mission, Team A would agree that she is on the right track with keeping with her mission, which is to “provide customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines” (Kudler, Kathy, 2012). Team A does not believe that Kathy would under value her customer service because that is what her business will thrive on. In her business, her loyalty to customer service far outweighs anything else. She wants the best for her customers at a cost that is affordable. She even has an incentive program, where her customers can come in and cook in her store and bring guest along to cook as well. Kathy loves to interact with her customers and gather ideas as to what they would like to see, therefore bouncing ideas as to what the next product will be introduced. These are not services that can be found in many, if any, other places.
Kudler Fine Foods’ goal is to keep on producing good, quality food that everyone loves and continue to grow successfully and maybe even expand outside of California and into states such as Arizona, Texas, Colorado and perhaps go as far east, maybe

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