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Business Plan for Tracking Device Shoes


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| | |
|Section 1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY……………………………………………. |1 |
|Section 2.0 PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESCRIPTION……………………….. | |
| |1 |
|Section 3.0 TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTION………….………………………… | |
| |1 |
|Section 4.0 MARKET AND COMPETITION……………………………………. | |
| |2 |
|Section 5.0 BUSINESS MODEL………….………………………………………. | |
| |2 – 3 |

| |The executive summary is an independent element of the business plan. It should contain a brief|
| |overview of the most important aspects of the business plan. In particular, it should highlight|
| |the product or service, the value to the

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