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Can Be Done This Way or That Way

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Either you can do it this way or that way

“Learn from your own mistakes, or find a master to guide you along”.

Everyone in this world is granted only one life and the decisions we make have a great impact on our lives. But the best lesson we learn is from a bad decision we make. At that crucial point in time some people decide to follow the path of learning through their own experiences; while others prefer that a guide or a teacher could help them live a smooth life.
Time and experience can be excellent teachers when you actually learn a lesson from your poor decisions. Experience comes from our way of living, understanding and the adjustments we make. It also comes from suffering, agony and the ordeals we are afflicted by. As one of the famous writer puts it together:
“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from poor judgment.”
Growth starts as soon as you recognize your mistake and the way to prevent it from happening again. Every human being is bound to make mistakes in life, this is normal; but how you learn from them is really the important factor. The only way to prevent oneself from making a mistake the second time is to learn. If you don’t, you will be making that same error again and again until you are forced to learn. I’ll give you an example of my own life. I started playing Table Tennis in 2008. Back then our school had recently bought the equipment for this game and there were only few good players of this game in the whole school. Although I was not a good table tennis player, still I had a self belief and never took any kind of coaching or training from anyone. I had the same belief of learning from my own mistakes. As time passed, I participated in several tournaments, but never won any. Each time I loose, I got to know another of my weakness and put my heart and soul to transform those weaknesses into strengths. It took…...

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