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Career Path for Cpas


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Career Path for Internal Auditor

An internal auditor is a professional that provides an independent and unbiased analysis of the internal control or activities of a company. The internal auditor’s job is vital to an administration; with management, he or she synthesizes and implements rules and recommendations. An internal auditor has the responsibility to develop and apply analytical tools or indicators that measure risks and evaluate performances. The job implies a transversal function within an organization because the internal auditor has oversight responsibility over many services or departments. He or she has to ensure the efficiency of operation, IT controls, and the trustworthiness of financial reporting; additionally, an internal auditor has to work to determine and detect fraud, and above all, make sure all activities are in compliance with laws and regulations.

Very often, companies hire audit firms to do internal auditing instead of professionals from the field, commonly recognized as Certified Internal Auditors (CIA). Nevertheless, being an internal auditor offers broad opportunities within companies; the different steps or career paths range from entry-level internal auditor, Lead/senior Internal Auditor, Internal Audit supervisor/manager, to Internal Audit executive/chief audit executive (CAE).

The entry level internal auditors must possess the basic skills to review processes, activities and objectives of the organization. At this level, the auditor is responsible for the collection, analysis, and examination of the records of the company. Moreover, the entry level auditor must prepare reports on the results and make sure that everything is in compliance with laws and regulations. Internal auditors come from a range of educational settings, but a Bachelor's degree is required. A degree in accounting, finance, business, or computer systems

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