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Case Study: Bi-Weekly ILP Review

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CM was on vacation for the period of 5/2/2016, to 5/9/2016.
On 5/14/2016, CM met with the client and completed Bi-Weekly ILP Review. Client in the meeting was dressed appropriately for the weather. Client ambulates with a cane. She was well groomed. In the meeting client was upset, disagreeable, and angry. CM inquires the reason client was upset. Client reported she being harassed by a resident in “J” dorm/bed-5. CM will address the issue with Social Service Supervisor. Client was edges and uncomfortable during the meeting. Client continues to report I need to leave bed-5 is making me very uncomfortable and nervous. Client affect was inappropriate and she denied suicidal or homicidal ideation. SOCIAL UPDATE: Client continues to report problem in the J dorm with bed No. 5. CM will address the situation with Social Service Supervisor and with the assigned CM. CM inquires how the client spent Mother’s Day. Client stated alone her daughter is doing internship out of state and it’s hard for her to travel to New York. She also reported she spoke with her over the phone. …show more content…
She also mentioned her Medicaid is under Health First and the issue and concerned was resolved.

Client continues to report she went to HRA to investigate the reason her Linc V certificate wasn’t renew. Client continues to report she was redirected by HRA to contact DHS or Linc Program Department. Client mentioned she contacted both and she still waiting. She also stated she contacted the Coalition and Meghan/Case Manager is helping her with the Linc renewal which its pending.

EMPLOYMENT UPDATE: Client continues to report she is employed at AARP SCSEP Foundation as a Senior Community Service Employment Program earning $8.75 per hour. Client submitted copies of pay

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Bi-Weekly ILP Review: Case Study

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