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Cat and I


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Cat + 1
Wanda Wulz 1932 1903-1984
Cat + I is a surreal and superimposed self portrait of Wanda Wulz and of a cat. These two photographs come together and create a face of a woman who is half-feline and half-human. As the picture progresses from the right side to the left, the woman acquires more and more feline characteristics such as fur, whiskers, and a cat nose. Wulz’s primary intention was probably to perfectly match up the facial features of the cat and woman to compose a believable, fluid portrait. The emphasis in this photo is on the woman’s face, specifically on her mysterious eyes. My eyes are first drawn to hers, and then travel down the snow-white and thick whiskers. They finally hop from one blotch of black, to the next blotch of white which cover her body. When I spend time looking at this photograph, I notice how her two eyes are completely negative from one another. This photograph is similar to other photos by Wanda Wultz in the fact that this is a molded creation of two of her others photos, one which is a self-portrait and the other a portrait of a cat. The lines of the white whiskers are extremely focused and brought out by the dark background. Wulz used a very shallow depth of field as she, the subject, is more focused than the background. Contrast is strong between the following: the dark background, the white whiskers, the eyes, the different shades of fur and the hair on her head.
Cat + 1 made me ponder for awhile. I thought maybe Wulz was trying to show how sometimes pets and their owners share such a strong bond, and they are so close together. Also, this piece made me question if it is possible to have more than one personality. Maybe Wulz felt she was a civil human one day, but the next she was a wild animal. The photographer creates a mysterious mood, and makes it hard for me to figure out what I am exactly looking at. I find me asking myself “Am I looking at a human?” because of her pale skin and one human eye, or “Am I looking at a cat?” because of the whiskers, fur, and her single cat eye. This piece creeps and frightens me because I feel as if she is looking right at me and watching my every move.

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