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Celebrities and Ordinary People


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El-Youbi Karima Dr. Achibat
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March 31, 2016
Comparison and Contrast Essay
Celebrities and Ordinary People: What Is the Difference?
Lifestyle is a term used to refer to the way people live, reflecting their entire range of values, activities, and attitudes. In fact, there are different lifestyles depending on the different categories of people. In this essay, the focus will be on the differences between celebrities and ordinary people lifestyle in terms of privacy, look, and self-satisfaction.
One of the main differences between ordinary people and celebrity’s lifestyle is privacy. Actually, celebrities do not have enough privacy; their lives are spattered all over the globe. They are always under surveillance, even when they are doing simplest things as their fans want to know every specific detail about their private life. Even their families are pulled into spotlights. They cannot talk, walk, date, or even get married without taking into consideration their image in the media and their status within the society. For example, Cameron Daiz was shot years ago on a nude beach taking off her clothes; she made of herself the subject of critics and media criticizing her action even if this is her personal life. Unlike celebrities, ordinary people have enough privacy in their life. Ordinary people can do whatever they want and their life is far from being splashed. They can walk, dress, and have fun as they want. For instance, a freshman can get engaged to the one he loves without taking into consideration his public image or even if his work will be affected by this choice or not. Thus, privacy can change people and make them much more different than they would have been if they lived in anonymity.
Another important difference between normal people and celebrities is the look. For celebrities, a good look is a main thing that

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