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Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom

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Cell Phone Usage in the Classroom

Khaleid Codrington Introduction to Sociology Professor Baber December 20, 2013

Most college students use cell phones. Some use them in class. College takes an incredible amount of commitment in order to be successful. When cell phones are used in class, there is a possibility of them being a distraction to those who are trying to put their best foot forward and end the term successful. Cell phones are most certainly a distraction in the classroom setting. This topic appeals to me because I was able to find a great deal of information on why cell phones are a disturbance to college classrooms. Cell phone usage in classrooms as a topic is sociologically important because of the fact that cell phones are used by almost all college students. Mobile phones are very technologically savvy. With some phones you can check the news, your e-mail or even surf the internet. People need a way to stay in contact with another, but during class time is a deterrent to the scholastic plight of fellow students. As time goes by, cell phones become more and more popular with the people. The fact that the technology of cell phone capability progresses quickly over time is a major change in society. In the early nineties the cell phone was not popular. At best people had a beeper holstered to their hip in case of emergencies. Beepers were unable to make calls as well so there was a need to find a phone; be it a landline or a telephone booth. Participant observation, Secondary data as well as Surveys are proper research methodologies used to conduct research on cell phone usage in college classrooms. The Symbolic Interaction Theory which views people as interactive beings through language is a sociological perspective that better explains the author’s topic. There is...

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