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Dashawn Newton
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Chapter 1 Homework

Key Terms CH1
Computer – A device that processes—receives in, thinks about, changes, stores, sends out, displays, and prints—data in the form of bits.
Bit – The smallest unit of data stored in a computing device, representing a single binary digit of value 0 or 1
Byte – A unit of data in a computer: 8 bits
Random-Access Memory(RAM) – A type of short- term computer memory (storage) used by computers, primarily used as temporary working memory by the CPU.
Character set – A list of the characters that can be used in a given language or languages, mapped to corresponding unique binary codes and published as a convention or standard so that computers can use a consistent set of binary values to represent text values. Examples include ASCII, ANSI, and Unicode
File – A collection of bytes, assigned a name for easy reference by the file system and grouped together for storage on a permanent storage device.
File system – The term that refers to a combination of features that together let the OS manage data as files, identify permanent storage drives using drive letters, organize files on each drive using directories, and track important file information, including file locations on disks, using directories and pointers
Directory – An inverted tree, or hierarchy, of directories (folders) and files, with the information stored on each disk drive media, that identifies and organizes the files stored on that media. A part of the file system.
Hard disk drive – A device that stores files, as directed by a computer’s CPU, typically using stacked round magnetic platters to record the bits as differing magnetic fields on different locations on the platters’ surfaces.
Input and output – This term refers to the process of adding bits into a computer (input), and receiving the bits out of the computer (output), in forms meaningful

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