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Characteristics of Paul

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The apostle Paul is the greatest missionary of the Christian faith, with the exception of our Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul had many journeys and used multiple methods to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Those methods all contained several characteristics that set Paul apart from all other missionaries, as these are used today. As Paul went about fulfilling the great commission his legacy can be identified by these key characteristics. Paul ministry was focused on planting a church, his goal to spread the Gospel and convert individuals not just preach to local crowds. Paul’s method of operation was to come into a community begin to evangelize, establish the congregation and the church. These communities of Jews and Gentiles formed by Paul and his team established the local church and he moved on to another location. The path chosen by Paul in his commitment to preaching Jesus Christ to those in the who would listen. Paul preached to all that Christ died for all sinners and every person was in an equal position before God as a sinner. Paul preached redemption through Christ Jesus for all. One the important characteristics Paul had was that he preached to the crowd, he had an understanding that the message would identify with the audience as the Gospel related to that community, by no means did Paul change the word of Christ, he was an educated man and used it in his work spreading the Good News. Throughout Paul's travels he was willing to endure hardships and persecution in his mission to the proclamation of the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Paul understood that he would suffer for the message we was destined to deliver, even unto to his death. The missionary objectives for Paul were facilitated by recruits who were trained by Paul and his followers. These teams in turn added other recruits that helped build Christianity's string base of support. The idea that

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