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Enterprise Systems for Management Instructor’s Manual – Motiwalla & Thompson



Understand the information systems evolution and its historical role in organizations leading to systems integration and eventually Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Learn about ERP systems and their evolution, components and architecture. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of implementing ERP systems and how they can help an organization improve its efficiency and worker productivity.
Have an overview of the implementation process (e.g., the ERP life cycle, business process reengineering, project management, and change management). Understand the role of staff, vendors, consultants, and the organization in making the ERP implementation process successful.
Comprehend the ethical, global and security challenges while implementing an ERP system, as well as get an overview of ERP vendors and industry trends.






Opening Case: Hershey’s Enterprise 21 Project
a) Enterprise Systems in Organizations
b) Information Silos and Systems Integration
c) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
a) What is an ERP?
b) Evolution of ERP
c) Business Process and ERP
d) ERP System Components
e) ERP Architecture
f) e-Business and ERP
g) Benefits and Limitations of ERP
ERP Implementation
a) Business Process Management
b) ERP Life Cycle
c) ERP Implementation Strategies
d) Software and Vendor Selection
e) Operations and Post-Implementation
People and Organization
a) Project Management
b) Role of Consultants
c) Change Management
d) Business Process Reengineering
e) Global,

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