Child Development Observation

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Amber Jeppesen

Child 68 MW 4:45-6:10pm

October 17th, 2014

Part 1—General Information

The name of the center I observed at was C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool Program at Perdew Elementary School. The address of the center: 13051 Miller Ave. Etiwanda, CA 91739.

The C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool Program has goals for each and every one of its students to succeed in language development, social skills and preacademic training sets. This program does include fees, each different for every student due to the fact that each student has a different learning plan. Students come at different days as well as times.

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jarvis were the teachers in the C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool class I observed. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jarvis work together teaching side by sided. Mrs. Jones is in charge of the A.M. class, while Mrs. Jarvis takes charge of the P.M. class. They offer each other assistance while the other is in charge, making it very convenient for one another.

Other adults that were helping out in the classroom were Instructional Aides, hired by the Etiwanda School District that Perdew Elementary School is under. There are two aides, D’Ann and Julie. Mrs. Jones let me know there is always a parent volunteer in class with the preschoolers. Of the three days I was there observing, there were three different parent volunteers. The Instructional Aides were hands on with the kids, while the parents sat back and helped out with projects the teachers needed help with.

The kid I observed, his name is Ethan and he is four years old.

Ethan has olive colored skin, dark brown mid-length hair and chocolate brown eyes to match. He was a little bigger in size compared to the other preschoolers in class. Each day I observed in the classroom, he wore a striped pattern shirt that had an attached hood, dark jeans and the same pair of shoes.

Part 2—Classroom Activities

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