Child Observation Report

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Child Observation Report

Lecturer: Dr. Stephanie L. Knight
Observer: Afra Mohamed Taha
Observant: 3-4 year old boy
Topic: Entire Observation
Setting: Airport. A family consists of a father, a mother, three daughters and a son.
Goal: Observing the boy to see his entire behavior, in addition to his
reaction to reinforcement and punishment.
Time: 52 minutes
Method used: Systematic Observation (Specimen Record and Event Sampling)

Data collection:
This report is based on a “Systematic Observation” (Berk, 2003, p.44). I designed a simple form to record the data based on specimen record and event sampling in which the researcher records a description of the particular entire steam of behavior, in addition to all instances of particular behavior during a specified time period. (Berk, 2003, p.44-45)

Analysis and Discussion:

According to Piaget Cognitive Development Theory (Berk, 2003, p.133), this child is in the preoperational stage (2-7 years), and he behaves normally. When the father left he was upset. His mother asked him to sit still in one of the chairs. He was lying in an arm chair, moving his legs up and down. Then he put his feet on the armrest of the chair next to him, where his sister was sitting. He repeated this behavior several times in attempt to hit his sister. That made his mother tell him off. However, he still didn't respond. Then he put his head on the seat and lifted his feet on the back of the chair, and he started to stomp his feet. He then tried to get down to the floor head first. His mother told him to stop, but he didn't, so she sent one of his elder sisters to pick him up and put him in the chair in the right way. He repeated the same behavior and again his mother failed to make him stop, so she sent the other sister to…...