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Children and Sexual Abuse


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There are several sociological and psychological issues that are pressing in society today. These lead to traumatic events among children and adults and result in those who are in society needing to recover in a specific manner. A continuing issue in society is sexual abuse among children. This particular problem is one, which has caused several levels of difficulty among those in society while making an impact with the need to respond with the aim of eliminating the trauma of sexual abuse. Defining the social and psychological terms of sexual abuse as well as understanding the societal structures that are a component of this provides more insight into the problem. As sexual abuse among children is understood, there is the ability to begin to eliminate the problem while creating new methods to help those that have experienced this traumatic event.
Defining Sexual Abuse
To understand sexual abuse among children, there is also the need to define the nature of the problem as well as the affiliations that are a part of this act. The nature of this problem is one, which is defined through sociological beliefs and associations with sexual activities. Sexual abuse is defined as any intimate activity, which relates to sexual activities. The definition implies that there is physical, emotional and behavioral links to sexuality that is performed by two or more individuals. In acts of sexual abuse, an individual is regarded as a perpetrator, which is responsible for committing the acts of abuse. Another individual is subjected to the behaviors and becomes the one, which is forced to perform the sexual acts either physically or mentally. The forms of abuse, which occur in relation to this then, develop specific responses at an individual and psychological level (Kellogg, 2005).
The concept of sexual abuse is pertinent

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