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Chrisopher Columbus

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Christopher Columbus who is a controversial figure in history is glorified as the brave man who discovered America. Columbus had many different motives as he started his mission. One motive that he had was profit, he thought that he could buy spices at the low point of their origin and then take them back with him and sell them for a greater price in Europe. Another motive that Columbus had was religion, he hoped to bring Catholicism to the natives and where ever he ended up. Columbus believed that religion should be the base in every person’s life. As a country Spain also wanted to purse Catholicism as a missionary religion because it was important to convert others. Columbus saw himself as a divine agent on a mission. His main motive was to find a westward route from Spain to the Indies since the eastward passage was controlled by Portugal. As he was on his first voyage, “The Enterprise of the Indies” he wanted to find a direct ocean trading route to Asia. He valued many things in his life such as wealth and the power that came with it, but the main one was the Catholicism that he wanted to bring to everyone that he met and everywhere he went. Christopher Columbus met many different and interesting natives and he said that each one portrayed different types of skills. He mentioned that some natives were not as good of sailors as the others were. Columbus’ descriptions of the natives portrayed them as inferior to Europeans, some might even say savage. He said that the natives lived a peaceful life style and were always very helpful to him when he needed it. While in “The new world” Columbus gave the natives small gifts, such as beads, furs, and “many other trifles of small value.” Christopher Columbus is one of the greatest adventurers and heroes of all time and will be remembered...

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