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Christian Study of Secular Literatre


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Discussion Board One

This discussion board deals with reasons for Christians to study secular literature and the pros and cons thereof. One of the main contentions of the presentations is that the written word or literature provokes critical thinking whereas television does not. The assertion is that literature whether it is secular in nature or not promotes critical thinking while television reduces critical thinking and promotes emotional thought. I agree with this premise and believe that it can be supported through observation.

I have been involved with the instruction of adult learners, teens, and young children for many ears through various venues. One thing that I believe to be common among all three is that as a group they would all rather watch an entertaining video or movie that read the same story in book or short story form. What are the reasons for this?
The first reason it that is just simply easier and requires less work to watch the video. People have become conditioned to the “easy” way of leaning and do not resent being told what to think.
Secondly to read the material requires a personal investment of time and energy. The individual must read the material then digest it and from their own opinions based on their experience and life lessons.
The third reason is that once you have read the material and formed your own opinion is that in many instances you are asked to present your beliefs or finding s to the group at large, or to present your understanding. Many in today’s society do not have the communications skills or emotional maturity to clearly take a position on a subject and defend it if needed.

How does this correlate to the reasons for Christians to study literature of all types? The ability to think critically and form your own belief system is important to the Christians life. It is also helpful to gain other perspectives in

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