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Resource Leveling Guide

|INTRODUCTION: Resource Leveling Using Microsoft Project |
|The Guideline Content Starts on the Following Page |
|What This Is |
|This guideline discusses Resource Leveling in general, and how to use the Microsoft Project scheduling tool to level the resources working on |
|a project. The term “leveling” refers to smoothing out the assignment of individual resources or groups of resources over time and ensure that|
|peak workloads do not exceed available resources capacity within any given period. Resource leveling is typically done with the aid of a |
|scheduling tool such as MS Project. However, some leveling actions can be taken without a tool, or after the scheduling software has done as |
|much as it can automatically; tips on those actions are included in this guideline as well. |
|Our thanks to Management Strategies Inc. for contributing Section 2, detailed guidelines for how to use MS Project’s resource leveling |
|features. |
|Why It’s Useful |
|The ability to get the project done in the desired timeframe is obviously tied to the true availability of the resources to work for the |
|expected amount of time on each assigned task at the scheduled times. First pass scheduling work very often produces

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