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About this handbook
This handbook is designed to be the official ASC program guide for students. Students must keep this guide as their first reference to information regarding the ASC program. By signing the ASC parent letter, students verify they are aware of the program requirements and regulations.
A Balanced Student Life
At Hayah, students learn to give special attention to life beyond academics. Committing to physical, , creative and service activities not only develops them as whole people but also extends benefit to the community. This dedication during High School years prepares students to adopt an active life in college years and the future.
The ASC experience is both challenging and enjoyable. It enhances the development of personal and interpersonal skills through experiential learning. By using these skills, they can be productive members of the community.
Activity is about engaging in experiences that require physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Dedicating a fair part of your schedule for fitness and sport thus ensuring a balance of the person as a whole.
Students may join a Hayah sports team, start a fitness club together. A professional athletic student may choose to coach young children.
Service is basically about volunteering time and effort for serving the community. True dedication in planning and/ or executing the activity makes service a fruitful learning experience.
Community work can take many forms: regular volunteering at an institution, school jobs, large scale projects, organizing charity events, etc.
Creativity is any activity that reveals human creativity for the benefit of the community. Art & design, music, writing, science & technology, are areas that involve human creativity. Art galleries for Hayah, book and play writing...

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