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Clean Air Act


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Clean Air Act – Help to breathe or not?

When you first awake and take in the first long breath and exhale to start the day, do you think about that air being clean? This was not a question until 1948 where the industrial town of Donora, Pennsylvania had a thick cloud of air pollution formed over the town. (EPA, 2015) The event started the public awareness on the effects of air pollution and how it causes health problems.

Clean Air Act – Help to breathe or not?
The Earth cannot exist without air, so why did it take a tragedy to bring awareness to conservation of the environment. Until, 1948 where the industrial town of Donora, Pennsylvania had a thick cloud of air pollution formed over the town, which lasted for a total of five days. Out of the total population of 14,000 people it killed 20 people and caused sickness in 6,000 of the town's people. (EPA, 2015) Then in 1952, London, England had 3,000 people pass away in what became known as London's "Killer Fog." (EPA, 2015) The events started the public awareness on the effects of air pollution and how it causes health problems. But it still took over ten years to create several federal and state laws to pass in 1963 to establish the original Clean Air Act.
Choose 1 U.S. environmental law. State the name of the law and the date the law was passed.
The original Clean Air Act of 1963 was established to provide funding for the study and the cleanup of air pollution, there was no one agency to uphold the laws or provide factual reports on air pollution until 1970. (EPA, 2015) In 1970 Congress passed a stronger Clean Air Act as well as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to carry out the laws and do the research on air pollution. With the start of the EPA getting established to monitor the air pollution nationwide, there was a congressional amendment in 1990 to the Clean Air

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