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Communication Failures

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5 Communication Failures
Executive failure- where communication is used to trigger specific event/action is either later, lacking, or in failure. (Increase of complaints) * Real life example: when put on a team project where everyone has their own part but each part rely on each other (like part A B C D … etc) but one person does not do their part or waits until the last minute to do it. * Remedy- motivate each team member or the person that’s more than likely to slack off or not do their work and bribe them with a reward.
Biased information- people who tend to hear what they want to hear-selective hearing * Real life example- giving orders to someone under you to disseminate the provided information to other workers, but they were not actively listening so they hear bits and pieces of what you said and would tell the information that they thought they heard instead of asking the person to repeat the information again. * Remedy- Ask the person that you are telling the information to if they understand or if they didn’t hear you or if you are the person getting told the information ask if they can repeat it if you were not paying attention or asks questions to make sure you understand.
Human failure- relationships between particular individuals that do not exhibit proper communication within the group. Usually leads to favoritism, frustration, or absenteeism. * Real life example- when individuals are put into a group and they do not like a person in their group they tend to treat the person unfair like by not giving information or correct information * Remedy- treats everyone with fairness because it doesn’t matter whether you like them or not as long as you get the project done.
Uneven communication- when only minority of the people within a group talks while majority of the others do nothing. * Real life example- a group of three is

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