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Communism - a Fairy Tale.

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The People's Republic of China highlights a fundamental principle of Capitalism in the idea that it is the natural system to be used. After traveling to China in 2010 my understanding of the place, Communism and Human nature has evolved. Though China is officially Communist, in nearly every way it is a capitalist system. The greed of humanity had infected the ideals of the nation and caused it to revert to a modernized version of what it set out to destroy. Emperors and palaces replaced by Communist officials, CEOs and skyscrapers. This shook my faith in Human's as we seem truly incapable of rising above our nature to use intellectual social systems to make the world a good place for all people.

This level of hypocrisy, while disappointing, was not new to me. Politicians at home always acted hypocritically. Invading countries while preaching peace and calling for austerity while living in mansions. The reason why this hypocrisy shocked me so much was because of how badly people suffered from it. The suffering of 100s of millions of people so that extravagant wealth could be created for the few. Communist revolutions all involve in powering the workers however this nearly always is abandoned quickly and the workers are exploited as happened in the Soviet Union under Stalin. In China it's less obvious. There is not one man, one face that we can accredit the rule of China too. The communist party that governs the country has over 100 million members but only a few have real power. This faceless government makes it seem omnipotent since no one man carries the power it cannot be killed. When I think of China in this way, with all of its 1.3 billion people being controlled by a dictatorial government in disguise it becomes, obviously, less communist.

Communist China became Communist at the price of blood. Blood of men that believed in the ideals of communism, ideal I

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