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To the Manager of Pet World:

I am writing to express my frustrations with a recent experience I had at your store. One week ago, I purchased Paws dog food for my pet at this location. I was surprised at what happened when I got home and used this bag of dog food.

Despite being on the shelf to be sold that day, this dog food had long ago expired. To be exact, it had expired six and a half months prior to the date it was purchased. Since the bag had been on the shelf, I had assumed the food was good and acceptable to feed to my pet. I soon realized this was not the case.

After feeding my dog this food, she became violently ill, vomiting for hours on end. I was forced to take her to the vet, as she was dehydrated and required medicine. Thousands of dollars later, I realized that her sickness could most definitely be attributed to the expired dog food I had unknowingly fed her.

I have been a loyal customer of Pet World’s since it opened six years ago and have never experienced any issues with your store. I am both bothered and concerned by the fact that expired food was on the shelves of the store, and I am now hesitant to trust the quality of other products at your store. This issue could have affected a number of other pets as well, and I just hope that none of them became as ill as mine did.

I hope to hear back from you about this unfortunate incident. Please contact me as soon as possible at (998) 867-0987 or via email at


John Jay

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