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Holistic Account of Care for a Patient or Client with Complex Needs
What are complex needs? Who has them? It could be argued that everyone's needs are complex and as such, complex needs have been difficult to define (Rosengard et al., 2007). This essay intends to use literature to outline a systematic and holistic approach to care of a patient's complex needs. The nursing process and its framework of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation will be utilised to provide a patient centred approach (Castledine, 2011).

Rankin and Regan (2004) described complex needs as being a framework rather than a label that determines service eligibility. The needs of people include breadth (range of need) and depth (severity); these factors have to be taken into account when providing holistic care.
Holistic care is defined as an approach which takes into consideration the physical, mental and social factors in an illness, rather than just the disease itself (Martin, 2010).
The person this essay will centre around gave informed consent to have their notes consulted with the intention to write this essay, in line with the Nursing and Midwifery Council's (NMC) The Code (2008). There are seven elements to informed consent; competence to decide, voluntariness to decide, disclosure of information, recommendation of a plan, understanding of the disclosure and recommendation, decision of the plan and authorising of the plan (Beauchamp & Childress, 1994 pp. 145-146). In line with the Data Protection Act (1998) and The Code (NMC, 2008), identifying details of the patient have been anonymised and henceforth he will be known as Eddie.
Eddie is a 66 year old man, originally from London. He lived with his wife in a three bedroom house, both of whom were retired. Eddie used to be a builder's merchant and his wife was a secretary. They had no children and the only close family...

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