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Cons of a Student Wearing Uniforms

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The cons of enforcing a student to wear uniforms to school:

When children are young they grow and develop their minds, their personalities, express that of who they are. They become individuals of their own person and what their interest is. Enforcing a child to wear a uniform this takes away their creativity of self-expression and who they are. We want to teach them that everybody is different and they are to accept those that are different from themselves. This cannot be done when every student is wearing the same thing. We cannot teach them to accept others that may be interested and self-express themselves such as one student may want to wear basketball shorts and t-shirt’s showing that he is into sports while another may want to wear dress pants, shirt and a tie to express that he is more mature and wants to pose a professional look onto himself. Students can also lose focus on their education where they will be seeking other outlets for self-expression and individuality such as tattoos, pierces, unacceptable hair styles and colors.
Uniforms can also create a financial burden to families that may not be able to afford the required clothing when they can go to a Goodwill or thrift store and buy gently used items for their children to wear or even get hand me downs to clothe their child. If schools require certain colors this can also make them targets for hazing from other schools, this puts their lives into danger as well. Schools should want to push students to be individuals and except the diversity within them so that they can be taught how an acceptable way to do so. This is a lesson and virtue that needs to be instilled in them at a young age for it will help them later in life when the seek employment, develop relationships with others, and learn that it is okay and acceptable for somebody to be different than them and still show them friendship, love

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