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Contemporary Organized Crime Article

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Contemporary Organized Crime Article

Contemporary Organized Crime Article
When we think of human trafficking, we often think about third world countries, never here domestically. But the horrific reality is that human trafficking is alive and well in the United States. The article states that there are more people in the world today taken against his or her own will then ever before. 30 million people worldwide are enslaved today, putting it in the top three crimes worldwide next to illegal drugs and arm trafficking, that generates billions of dollars. Criminal organizations have capitalized on the exploitation of women and minors that have infested US soil. They are often sold as laborers or sex objects, referred to as prostitutes. The organizations find it easy to manipulate the minors making it easier when the minor gets order to have them more dependent on their “owner” with increased fear of running away or turning to law enforcement for help.
The United States has established a Trafficking Victims Protection Act that deals from children being sold as sex slaves, child soldiers, forced child labor and others. The CNN Freedom Project has being raising awareness of human trafficking. The secretary of State Hillary Clinton even spoke on the issue of slavery. The Secretary of State advised that it is a crime and it could not be tolerated to treat any culture, community or country with slavery of any sort.
Not For Sale is a nonprofit group comprised of individuals that raise awareness and aid for victims that have experienced such an atrocity. A musician, Noel Thomas, started an organization called Redeem the Shadows, which fights human trafficking internationally. While conducting a tour in Europe, he learned that children as young as five years old were being sold as sex slaves. After that experience, Thomas became part of the fight against human trafficking. Thomas strongly urges that individuals can make a difference through letting their voices be heard, volunteering, donations, and working with victims of human trafficking.
According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, human trafficking is the third largest international crime industry, ranking behind illegal drugs and arms trafficking. This international organized criminal industry profits an estimated $32 billion according to a 2005 report from the International Labor Organization. The CNN Freedom Project states that of the $32 billion, $15 billion is made in industrialized countries.
The author of this article, Kristen Butler, wrote this article to make people aware of this growing organized crime and how to help in fighting these criminals. Unfortunately, the article ends with the need to raise money to help fight human trafficking. This is where we disagree; we feel that enslaving people is a crime and should be addressed by the appropriate law enforcement agency. We believe these efforts would be better addressed if citizens of the United States demand the government to address these crimes and develop a strategy to fight such organized crimes, private funding would not be needed. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has vocalized the problem of “Modern Slavery,” but failed to mention what if any strategy is being developed to fight such crime.
Human trafficking is clearly a larger problem within America, than the days in America's history. Through awareness, prevention, and supporting the fight, individuals can make a difference in the lives of the victims who have suffered such an ordeal.

Wright, K. (2012). Stop the Traffic: Human Trafficking Awareness Day. Retrieved from

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