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Counselor Goals

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My goal is to attain my MS in Counseling in order to eventually become a school guidance counselor at the high school level. Becoming a guidance counselor has been my dream since my sophomore year of college. I feel that the process of becoming a guidance counselor would be both challenging and rewarding. Attending a graduate program would challenge me to develop both professionally and personally, and gaining new knowledge, and applying said knowledge, has always been rewarding to me. As a counselor, I would be rewarded with the opportunity of helping other individuals grow in their own lives, and help them achieve their goals that they have set for themselves. I realize that being a counselor is connected with great responsibilities, and

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...counseling. Currently, as a school counselor for a high school in Duncanville, Texas, a suburb outside of Dallas, I find the results of the assessment to be very accurate. Making the decision to become a counselor is a rewarding and exciting career choice. In the world of counsling, there are many individuals who place emphasis on not just basic implications, but also on theoretical studies that usually are a part of their professional and personal experiences. As times have change, so have educational curricula. Counselors and educators, their philosophies, and educational standards continue to change; therefore, educators have to take on responsibility and think more about their chosen roles within the educational system and the various means of combining theory and practice. The general examination of the different roles in counseling, personal career assessments and ideological relationships each play a role in the area of education and counseling. As a result of the choice as having a career as a counselor attaches the decision to continue to research theories and then integrate them into areas of education helps to build a solid foundation, which will in due course will led to the creation of a personalized educational philosophy. The choice to be a counselor or educator gives an individual a chance to become more connected and familiar with both primary and present-day educational theories. Nature of the Work As a high school counselor works with high school aged...

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...competencies, and professional competencies. The program focus begins with gathering beliefs that are important to the success of the school counseling program. Next, a vision statement, mission statement, and program goals are created. Student competencies include the ASCA Student Standards, which help to develop a standard for student development. Professional Competencies includes the ASCA School Counselor Competencies and ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors, which help to determine if school counselors are being successful in their job performance. The mission statement of our school counseling office is to deliver a school counseling program that nurtures each student's academic, career, and social/emotional needs. School counselors, teachers, and parents will work together to help students become well rounded, successful young adults. 2.Management: The purpose of the management component is to provide organizational assessments and tools to establish a successful school counseling program. These assessments and tools help school counselors to develop, implement, and evaluate their school counseling program. Assessments such as the School Counselor Competencies, the School Counseling Program Assessment, and the Use-of-Time Assessment help school counselors evaluate their knowledge, attitude, and ability to perform their duties. A few tools that are necessary to successfully manage a school counseling program are: an Advisory Council, a school data profile, program...

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...Children Exposed to Marital Violence: How School Counselors Can Help. Professional School Counseling, 3(4), 231-236. This article was chosen because it offered a different perspective than that of previous ones. Obviously, its focus is on interventions potentially useful to school counselors. However, this author felt it was an important article to include. This is because private practitioners frequently consult with school counselors about their client’s school behavior and academic achievement. Familiarity with the ways a school counselor can help could prove very valuable. The article begins with an extensive literature review. This review provides statistics, definitions of terms, a description of the connection between wife abuse and child abuse and theoretical frameworks to understand the effects of violence. These theoretical frameworks include Social Learning Theory, the PTSD theory and Attachment Theory. Next, the authors offer techniques to identify children from violent homes. These techniques include looking for a child who acts out scenes of marital violence in play. It is recommended that the child be asked direct questions about family violence. The issue of mandated reporting of domestic violence is covered in the next section. Legal obligations are reviewed. Also, the types of risks to which children can be exposed are listed. Ways to help the child in school are then presented. These include the goals of individual counseling and suggestions on how...

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...Today's school counselors deal routinely with complicated situations in which students have acute counseling needs, including cases of severe depression and suicidal ideation, pregnancy, substance abuse, school violence, and child abuse (Page, Pietrzak, & Sutton, 2001). To respond adequately to these needs, counselors must have both strong clinical skills and a keen awareness of the legal and ethical ramifications of any actions they may take or fail to take. These mandates are particularly challenging when school counselors are isolated in their settings or are so burdened with clerical and administrative tasks that they are unable to adequately address the counseling needs of the students they serve. School counselors in these situations may feel stressed and overworked and may be experiencing professional burnout. As a consequence, they can become unsure of their abilities and effectiveness and may experience erosion in their skills and competence (Crutchfield & Borders, 1997). This process runs counter to their ethical responsibility to maintain and increase their competence (American Counseling Association [ACA] 1995, Section C.2.) When school counselors fail to practice competently, this can become a legal problem as well as an ethical issue, because a malpractice lawsuit could result. Supervision can be an effective means of assisting school counselors to maintain and enhance their competence. Supervision can provide opportunities for continuing clinical-skill development...

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...the growing mental health needs of the populous, schools have been expanding the roles of schools counselors to include facilitating mental health/support counseling and moving towards a counseling psychology framework. Because of the number of students that have to get serviced, using group counseling sessions is a useful and practical option for counselors. Group counseling can be a helpful technique for people with similar habits or people who have possibly experienced a traumatic event. With the good that comes with group counseling, like camaraderie among students, there are always causes for concern, like confidentiality issues. This review examines the ethical dilemmas and differences between individualized counseling and group counseling in schools. Research has shown that using counseling groups and group therapies can make a difference in the outcomes of a lot of cases, but experts in the field have also had concerns about what could happen in a group setting, and how that could negatively affect a client, or the group of clients. Those concerns become even greater when dealing with groups of youth at school. Studies show that more and more school-age children, exponentially, are being diagnosed with mental health issues or behavior disorders (Nicholson, Foote, & Grigerick, 2009, p. 232). Making a young person feel comfortable enough to allow a counselor to assist them in working through their problem(s) is going to be a challenge in itself, and putting...

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...having enthusiasm to help students, advocating for students success, and collaborating with parents and other school professionals. In building relationships as a school counselor, you have to interact with students, care about their personal lives and listen to their problems and share quality time with them. Students will feel safe, accepted and welcome every time they come to talk to me if they know that I am there to guide them. I believe that students from different cultures bring different experiences and background to the classroom. As a school counselor, I need to help teachers take advantage of these different perspectives as a basis for further learning in the classroom. I also have to convey to respect and appreciate different points of view and beliefs. It is also essential to create opportunities for students to talk about their learning experience in school and at home. In fact, my role as a counselor is to listen to students in order to think more about the inside of the students and their homes instead of just the outside of their situation....

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...Abstract: This paper evaluates an ethical school counseling dilemma where a counselor is ultimately faced with a student’s disclosure of suicidal intentions. The setting takes place in a public high school where Lakia, a counselor decides to begin a “relationship skills” group. Lakia post advertisements drawing interest from current students through the schools counseling office. She advertised with little information regarding the mission or purpose of the group. Lakia did not request information from students interested in the group such as their interest to participate, the nature of their past and current problems or previous experiences with other groups. The first meeting began with a total of nine students heavily skewed in the female gender with only two male participants. During the opening of the first meeting, one of the male participants named Robert self discloses his violent past and that he often experiences anger issues predominantly toward women. During a break, five of the female participants decide to exclude themselves from the group. Robert then proceeds to become emotional and unveils his intentions to commit suicide when he arrives home afterschool. This paper will evaluate this ethical dilemma using the American Counseling Association’s (ACA) Decision Model. Evaluation will include discussions identifying the problem, applying the American School Counseling Association (ASCA) Ethical Code, determining the nature and dimensions of the dilemma...

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...Title Topic: Career Plan Name: Glenda Alleyne ID Number: 2015060064 Course: IDSC110-JC College Success and Career Planning Due Date: 2nd December 2015 Resume NAME: Glenda Alleyne DATE OF BIRTH: February 14, 1991 TELEPHONE CONTACT: 343-5788 STATUS: Single EDUCATION: Roxborough Anglican Roxborough Composite School (2003-2008) QUALIFICATIONS: Providing scheduling and testing for students to assist in their immediate and long-term educational objectives and career goals. Offer individual counselling, crisis intervention, vocational counselling. Life skill training, career/ college counselling administer and interpret guidance assessment instruments that measure interests, learning style, personality and personal awareness. Partner with teachers, parents, and students to mitigate academic concerns and ensure personal and educational success. CARIBBEAN EXAMINATION COUNCIL: SUBJECT GRADE Electronic Document Preparation Management 2 Mathematics 2 Office Administration 2 Principles of Business 3 Human and Social Biology 2 ...

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...power. Spirituality as it is seen in Christianity is to believe in God. As a Christian, we believe that God loves us. We believe that Jesus died for us. We believe that Jesus rose from the dead with all power in his hand. Spirituality as it relates to Christianity says believe on a merciful God that loves and offers us redemption in spite of, and because of, our sins. In regards to counseling and my personal value of spirituality, I understand my need to be multiculturally aware and vigilante towards ethically serving the needs of my clients. According to Elliott (2008), while conflicts regarding sexual orientation and gender identity often receive attention, other value conflicts may emerge in the counseling process both for practicing counselors and...

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...and Evaluation: Counselors have to continuously look at the different ways that they can improve their skills. In doing this, they have to try to get a better understanding of the skills and processes of research and evaluation aimed at improving school guidance and counseling programs. It is good to be a member of a national counseling organization that has a publication or magazine that comes out on a regular basis that helps to keep counselors informed about certain trends and changes in the counseling profession. An effective counselor is always looking for ways through research and outside input to help improve their program. In order to know what needs to be improved in a program, you must use a variety of sources to help you investigate what needs to be improved. Things that can be used are data, surveys, parent, teacher, student inputs, etc. I had the privilege of interviewing several teachers and an administrator in order to get their input on how they thought a Comprehensive School Counseling Program should be ran and what function the program should provide service for. This in turn led to an Interview Assignment Paper that summarized my finding. This will help me to improve upon things that others perceive as important to the program that maybe we are not currently doing or doing correctly. As school counselor, it will be very important for me o make sure that I read article that address issues that school counselors are faced with each day...

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...At the point when a Christian counselor solely depends on their own words just to handle an issue for a client, the Christian counselor gets to be powerless and of little help. A few counselors seem to appreciate listening to the sound of their own voice and don't listen to what the client needs to say. It is important for a counselor to be attentive to their client during their sessions and advise according to the desire of God. It is found that, “the best Christian cognitive therapist have incorporated Christ and the centrality of Christian maturity in the counseling goal and process” (Clinton, 49). Changing a state of mind is a long way from enough, one must likewise change the heart. The genuine Christian has God in his heart and uses his heart, his mind and his educating to not simply reach a productive conclusion for the individual he is counseling, moreover touching that client's heart. It is the artfulness of God that permits one individual to speak with the other, and in doing as such it allows one to seek the counsel and advise the client as to what is needed and permitted by the will of God. I believe that God wants us to use counseling as tool to help others through His healing power, for we cannot heal anyone ourselves. We discover Timothy3:17," 16 all scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good...

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...Capetown High School [pic] Taking a Bite out of Education!!! Cougar ISD Capetown High School 1979 Shoreside Drive Capetown, Texas 73911 Principal- Scott Thomison Assistant Principal- Guillermo Altamirano Academic Counselor- Travis Cole Athletic Director- Mike Nelson Health & Fitness- Matt Tarbutton Counselor- Emilio Luna IT- John Kenna Mascot- Sharks School Colors- Navy Blue and White Motto- Taking a Bite out of Education! Mission Statement: To provide all learners with the leadership and knowledge of today. To prepare learners for the rigors of life, today, tomorrow, and the future. Principal- Scott Thomison Curriculum • There will be one core curriculum with equal access for all students regardless of the program/s. • To assure that students leaving the District's school possess the skills and knowledge to have a successful experience in higher education and in the workplace. • All teachers must turn in a bi weekly lesson plan to their department chair and approved before final approval from Principal. Faculty and Staff • All Faculty and Staff must sign in at the beginning and end of their day. Name badges must be visible above the waist and photo facing out. • You must park your car in your assigned space with tag hanging from rear view mirror facing out. • Teachers must be available to students at all times during the school day unless other arrangements have been prior. This falls under our open door...

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...INTRODUCTION BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY With the introduction of the new national policy on education in 1977, guidance and counseling became an important issue in our schools system. Since then, guidance and counseling has been a regular topic in our dailies conferences and seminars. For example, Nnadi (1984). Stressed its importance in our educational system and the priority that should be given to it in out schools because of its usefulness in transition in the various stages of education. Also, Nwabuisi (1984), emphasized on the necessity of proper guidance programme in schools if the current national policy on education is to have the desired impact. Perhaps, Durojaiye's (1972), Stand on the issue of guidance and counseling in our schools was one of the factors that influenced the formulation of the aspect of the new national policy on education that deals with guidance programme in schools today. Taking into consideration, our rapid educational and economic growth, he emphasized on the need for guidance and counseling in our educational policy. In his words; "We can see that the need for guidance and counseling in Nigeria becomes increasingly pressing as economic and educational strides are being made in the country. Each student needs to be helped to strengthen his abilities to make nice choices and to face problems encountered in society. Those who fall by the way side because of physical, intellectual or emotional inadequacy particularly need guidance"(p.72). In...

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...ARTICLE # 1 School Guidance Counselors: Understanding their Role and Making the Most of the Relationship Whether your child is going through a difficult situation that is affecting his or her school work, or you want to ensure your college-bound teen stays on track, a school guidance counselor is a valuable resource for both you and your child. Perhaps your own interactions with school counselors were minimal as a student, or you are unsure what sort of guidance to expect as it relates to your child's academic experience. Today, the school guidance counselor plays an important role in students' educations, providing academic, personal and social, and post-graduate advisement services. Ultimately, your child's guidance counselor is dedicated to helping your child succeed. Some of the services that your child's guidance counselor may offer include the following: * Support groups to alleviate stress related to school (or for students whose parents have divorced, who have lost a loved one or suffered a similar tragedy). * One-on-one brief counseling sessions to address personal or social concerns. * Crisis intervention and support, possibly in collaboration with staff clinical psychologists. * Drug and alcohol intervention. * Orientation for new and transfer students and their parents. * Counseling for at-risk or frequently absent students. * Enrichment activities in the classroom (coordinating with teachers), such as problem solving, self-esteem...

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