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“Jade! Jade! Wake up Jade! Jade!!!” There is no one on this planet that I love more than my little brother, but at times like this I wish that he was anywhere else.
“Niño what did I tell you about waking me up like that. What do you need?”
“Jade! Yo tengo hambre!”
“Okay Niño give me 5 minutes, I’ll come downstairs to make you breakfast.”
“Thank you Jade, I love you!”
“I love you too. Now go brush your teeth and meet me downstairs okay?” “Okay”
As Michael made his way down the stairs I walked in to my bathroom to jump in the shower to wake myself up and start the day. Like always, when I got in the shower my mind began to over analyze everything. At 17 I never thought I would be a mother to my 6 year old little brother. My parents were killed in a fire in my dad’s office. Being the wealthiest family in New York City the first thoughts were that the building was purposely set a fire in order to try to rob my parents the only problem was that there was no signs of a robbery. I don’t know what the intent was; I just know that I can’t let anything happen to Michael. He’s all I got left.
Just as the thought crossed my mind I heard the crashing of glass on the ground and the piercing sound of my baby brothers scream. I jumped out the shower grabbed my robe and ran towards the stairs
When I reached the bottom of the stairs I was welcomed by the unpleasant quietness that radiated through the air. I ran out the front door and there was nobody around. The neighbors must not have heard the same thing I did because even the street was emptier than usual. I raced back in the house and searched every place possible. I looked from top to bottom and in every little crevice. As the realization took over me I couldn’t help but drop to my knees and let out a cry of pain. My baby brother was gone…
Unaware of how long I was sitting on the floor I finally...

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