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Crimes Againist Humanity


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Crimes against Persons
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Abstract In the United States of America, the law pertaining to crime against persons is complex; due to the principle of dual sovereignty that is a component of federalism. This essay entails analysis of murder as crime against persons. Murder cases are classified by the hierarchy of acts which entails: homicide, murder, manslaughter, and lastly justifiable homicide. English courts formed the body of common law on which United States jurisdictions relied on, in developing their murder statutes. Early English common law alienated murder into two broad categories: criminal and non-felonious. Historically, the intentional and deliberated killing of a person by another person was a criminal homicide and was categorized as murder. This analysis will discuss in details historical common law and current states statute in relation to crime of murder.

Introduction Under the early United States law, murder was a criminal act that was punishable by death. It was termed as the unlawful execution of a person with hatred aforethought. According to Siegel (2006) book, Criminology, murder was also defined as a deliberated intent to kill. Currently, United Sates courts and jurisdictions have adopted the English common law. However the court has carried-out some amendment to various conditions that constituted criminal homicide. Modern statutes in general segregate criminal homicide into two wide categories: murder and manslaughter. Murder is further separated into: [ (Akers, 2013) ]. [ (Siegel L. , 2006) ]. 1. First degree murder, which entails a premeditated intention to kill. 2. Second degree murder, which does not involve a deliberated intent to kill. 3. Manslaughter which involves an accidental killing that result from a person's negligent and disregard for human life
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