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Criminal Procedure and Practice

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CJT 200 Lecture 12
The Criminal Justice System and process law on Criminal Procedure and Practice from Complaint, investigation, arrest, bail, trial and conviction.

When a report or complaint is made, that signals the beginning of the criminal investigative process. The report is an account of an individual, victim, witness or accused person as to what transpired with regards to a specific incident or series of incidents. The officer taking the report will ask pertinent questions and record the report in a diary commonly called a station diary. This report will contain the name, address, occupation, contact number of the person making the report and the date, time, place, persons present at the time and other key ingredients to crystalise the offence warranting investigation. In the case of report of larceny of $5000 for example, the report should contain the amount of money taken, when the money was taken, where the money was taken, the circumstances under which the money was taken and any description of the alleged offender.
After the report is properly logged then the next stage would involve the gathering of information. This is where the investigating officer starts to interview persons, collect evidence and record statements from affected parties or witnesses to prove or disprove the facts of the report. During this phase the judges rules, in particular rule 1, is activated clearing the way for a police officer or any person in authority to question anyone from whom he thinks useful information can be obtained. This stage can be time-consuming and frought with tecnicalities. Once information and evidence manifests itself during that process then statements would be recorded from such persons providing the information.We next move into the realms of the beginning of the evidence stage.
Evidence sometimes come at you fast and furious or may take sometime...

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