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Critical Argument Analysis Essay

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Critical Argument Analysis Essay
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Immigration Control
Illegal immigration is a big problem in the United States. If you ask around where you live you will get so many different views and arguments. Realistically immigration has resulted in the laws having more illegal immigrants live and work here in the United States. I have read three different articles on the pros and cons of illegal immigration. Immigration is becoming a normal thing in the United States and it shouldn’t be.
In the article “Let Us Give Thanks to Our Immigrants” by Rupert Murdoch, he shows some evidence to support his agreeing with illegal immigration. He shows support on how they have contributed to the education in America. Whereas in the articles “The Winners in Immigration: Public Prisons,” by Aubrey Pringle, and “Republican Views on Immigration,” by shows support on why immigration is not good for the United States. Murdoch shows that many of the high paying jobs in the United States are held by immigrants or children of immigrants. Whereas Pringle and shows that our government is suffering because of all the illegal immigrants in our country.
Murdoch is pro-immigration. He has provided evidence to show why he supports immigration. He also was an immigrant himself and all his family was from Scotland. He does state though that these days it’s hard to talk about the benefits of immigration after 9/11, because many Americans worry about our borders and security. He shows some statistics to back up his claim on how immigrants have made our society in education. He says in his speech the following: “In a study on high school students released this past summer (written in 2004), the National Foundation for American Policy found 60% of the top science students, and 65%...

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