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CAI Critique
Is it true that racism is still around today? In the novel, “New Boy,” By Julian Houston is about a young african american boy’s life and the struggle he goes through to be able to have the best education as well as the struggles he sees his own people facing back home in Southern Virginia. Rob Garrett is forced to go to a all caucasian school to get the best education as well as to be shielded from the racism events happening back home but there was no way in shielding him from something so big and important. Throughout the novel, we are enlightened by the author on first hand experiences that involved racism in the South and examples of how history repeats itself till this day.
In the novel, the basis of the piece of work is a short story the author wrote in school, the first African American at his school and was able to have a deeper connection with the topic. Julian Houston based this novel on events and cruelty he experienced back in the day when segregation was at it’s peak. The realism of this novel is that is based on actual knowledge of how the South was in the 1960s and how it affected America and the life of African Americans. This novel represents the horrors of segregation and racism at its worst. One of the messages told in this piece of work is that segregation in the South was an important part of history because it helped shaped America. Another message is that there was no escaping the harsh realities of racism because it was and is everywhere. The author is very effective with his work through conveying his message because Houston provides specific examples of history that he experienced. His technique was to provide examples of treatment and events such as boycotts and sit-ins to allow readers to connect better and to understand the message being portrayed.
Julian Houston’s technique is very likeable because it helps

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