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Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg explores the unseen, yet common struggles of American women living in today’s society. She begins the book by providing background information on the state of modern women in regards to their social equality. As a disclaimer, Sandberg initially states how grateful females living in the United States should be for their living standards, referencing the denial of basic human rights of women in third-world countries. She continues by listing the despicable conditions of their society, such as the millions of women trapped in sex trade and rape victims who are punished with jail time. Afterwards, however, Sandberg acknowledges the great advancements in civil rights after the first and second women’s movement, …show more content…
Sandberg writes of the lack of equal gender representation in political and business leadership positions, in which men make up the majority. In the present time when identifying as a feminist is associated with false negative connotations, Sandberg challenges this ideal by revealing true feminist values and encourages both men and women to push for an equal society. In doing so, she uncovers the strong and persistent societal pressures on female behavior and career limitations, and even the animosity from both male and female sources for trying to change these unfair circumstances. Lean In is a powerful book in exposing these injustices, but was most impactful personally by giving me newfound respect for and perspective into the life of my mother, a single woman who worked and currently works in technology companies in the Silicon Valley. Throughout reading Lean In, I saw multiple personality traits that my mother and Sandberg shared, and received answers to the decisions she made, which, at the time, were questionable to me. Because of this, Lean In, was the most valuable writing piece I read this

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