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Cross Functional Relationships of Components to Criminal Justice System to Investigation


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Jadesola Adenikinju
Comm. 225 March, 26 2012
Professor Wells Kisura

My Way of Happiness

Since I was at the tender age of seven, I have always tried to make myself happy. Growing up in a divided broken family; forced me to believe that my father is a terrible killer and hates his children. Coming from this type of family that’s full of issues like sudden death, stagnation, infidelity, mental illness, and spiritual warfare made me very sad. I built self-esteem of worthlessness. My parents were so caught up in their bitter fights that they forgot my needs. I honestly think they just did not care and took out their resentment on me. When I realized my unaccepptance in my family I completely withdrew. I grasped doing things on my own like getting to school, cooking, laundry, answering the phone, working in my mother’s shop alone, and always caring for my junior brother. If I was not caring for my little brother, watching TV sitcoms/cartoons like “Bobby’s World” and the “Simpsons”, completing house chores which was a must was my daily living. Television was one of the things that made me happy. I believe my upbringing molded me into who I am today which is of course my identity. According to Martin, Nakayama identity is the concept of who we are. Characteristics of identity may be understood differently depending on the perspectives that people take people take for example, social psychological, communication, or critical perspectives. My full name is Jadesola Adebanke Adenikinju. I am originally from West Africa Nigeria my tribe is Yoruba. My parent’s names are Olapade Edward Adenikinju and Olufunke Florence Adenikinju. My father Edward was born in Ijebu, Nigeria, and he now lives in Greenbelt, Maryland. My mother Florence was born in Akure, Nigeria, and she now lives in Greenbelt, Maryland with my older brother Edward Jr. I was born in

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