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I .Customers analysis:

We chose to identify customers by their characteristics, values and their life styles. We found 6 different groups:


Main characteristics: * Customers who never feel the impact of economic fluctuations * The traditional segment of the luxury travel * Luxury lifestyle * Looking for the best (the best of the best) and the exclusive * The need to meet with people from the same background

These "rich Chinese" are regular customers, and most of the time, are exclusively responsible in banks or executives of the party contractors. They are a big part of the 320 000 Chinese millionaires, often as young as rich.
They inform themselves about new products by visiting the catwalks. Louis Vuitton has also a specific politic for this kind of customer; they call them VIC (Very Important Customer). Indeed LV sends them personally letters, they invite them to special private sales where they show them all the new and limited collections in advance. When they shop they make special appointments with the store and most of the time and it is the director who receives them and look after them during their shopping session.

The new super rich class:

Main characteristics: * Young customers smart and educated * Customers with high revenues * Need for recognition * Looking for a social « status » (climb the social ladder) * Proud of their success * Importance of appearance

The ’new super rich class’: Coal mine, company, factory owners, and real estate developers, accumulate their capital from the Chinese economic development. This sector of people belongs to an affluent elite class and their age group constitutes those above 30 years.
We also talk about the "little emperor", referring to the one-child policy. This policy brought about by the Chinese to become an…...

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