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Customer Portfolio Management

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– The construct and performance

Harri Terho

Sarja/Series A-4:2008

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Writing this dissertation has been a huge learning experience. Over the years I have received great support from a large number of people. I wish to thank everyone who has helped me to make and complete this interesting journey.
I would like to start with my supervisor, Professor Aino Halinen-Kaila. She encouraged me to begin working on the dissertation in the first place. She has always given me great freedom in my work, and has supported my occasionally unconventional research decisions. The numerous projects and discussions with her have really been an intellectual joy and also helped me to make progress. Aino, thank you: I would not be here without your contribution. I was honored to have Professor Thomas Ritter from the Copenhagen
Business School and Professor Olli Kuivalainen of the University of
Lappeenranta as the official examiners of my thesis. They gave me valuable and constructive comments on the manuscript.
My colleagues have given me great support in completing the thesis. I wish to express my gratitude to Professor Rami Olkkonen, Professor (emer.) Helena
Mäkinen, Professor Leila Hurmerinta-Peltomäki, Dr. Juha Panula, and Martti
Salo (Lic.), and to my fellow-researchers Hannu Makkonen, Leena AarikkaStenroos, Minna Halonen-Rollins, Niina Hanttu-Halvorsen, and Petteri Ojala at the department of marketing: their help in the form of encouragement, discussion, or kindly helping me to develop the questionnaire, has been valuable. The morning discussions in the Rosella corridor with Dr. Elina

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