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DOB:-28-July, 1991

Personal Statement
A dedicated and goal orientated individual with experience within the financial services, outsourcing and recruitment industries. I possess a strong level of analytical, leadership and problem solving skills, which I have effectively utilised whilst working in various organisations. I have good interpersonal skills and the ability to maintain internal and external relationships across various business segments. I enjoy being part of team, as well as motivating and managing a successful and productive team.

Employment History

QX Ltd.-Compliance Officer
May 2015 – Present

IMS People - Sr Recruitment Consultant
Feb 2014 – Apr 2015
IMS People is an Offshore Recruitment Services firm whose customized services help companies and staffing firms source talent for opportunities at home and abroad. We tailor our services to each client’s needs by providing traditional recruitment services and creative, one-time solutions that help companies gain advantage in their market and drive their recruitment value chain.
Achievement: Awarded Performer of the month for May-2014, Sep-2014. Awarded New Comer of the Year 2014.
Duties: As a Recruitment consultant I am responsible for building and maintaining relationships with clients, colleagues and candidates. This enables me to research and generate new business opportunities.
Duties Included; * Headhunting and sourcing candidates dependant on employer requirements * Regular business development calls with new and existing clients * Interviewing and screening candidates to create a strong pipeline * Marketing candidates via spec calls and emails * Screening and short listing candidates before they are interviewed by employers * Keep in touch with candidates registered with my branch * Meeting weekly activity and targets * Updating company database with client and candidate information * Writing job descriptions and Advertising roles to attract the best candidates.

Medusind Solutions – Claim Verification Consultant
Mar 2013 – Feb 2014
Medusind is a national BPO organization with a highly acclaimed dental solutions division. Led by a dedicated team of experienced dental revenue cycle managers and IT experts, Medusind provides essential business services to more than 500 dental offices across the country every day
Duties include; * Back Office work for Insurance companies of USA. * Calling to respective Medical Insurance company’s Claim department of US . * Filling online Eligibility and verification form Online in ECLIPSE Software.

Life Insurance Corporation of India- Insurance Advisor
April 2012 – Mar 2014 * Selling insurance products to customers. * Advising Life insurance products to customers as per HLV * Achieving Yearly Targets and maintaining required Data

ZEST BPO PVT LTD –From Junior Executive to Senior Executive to Assistant Team Leader Sep 2010 – Jan-2013
Zest Business Services is an Outsourcing centre Deals in Telesales and Back Office support for Clients in USA, Austrailia and UK.
Achievement: Awarded Performer of the month for Dec-2010, Aug-2011, Jan-2012, June-2012, Sep-2012. Awarded Performer of the Year 2012.
Duties include; * Training new members of staff on Tele Sales and Live Transfer Service. * Pitching for Mortgage Loans to Customers in USA and Transfering interested candidates calls to client * Pitching for Auto Loan and Filling online Form on Clients portal. * Collating relevant data, maintaining a comprehensive file for all breached cases and updating customer information on the database. * Meeting daily targets, monitoring performance based on service level agreements and key performance indicators.
Education FPSB India CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERCM (All Modules Cleared)-2014 NSE-FLIP Equity Research Module-2013 Gujarat University Bachelor of Commerce-2013 Shree Narayan Guru Vidh 12th in Commerce-2010 Apart from these, I also hold NISM Series-VIII Derivative, NCFM Fundamental analysis Certification.

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