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MGT/521 Scavenger Hunt

Week One Topic One—Scavenger Hunt

1 Scavenger Hunt

The Scavenger Hunt is designed to familiarize you with the myriad of tools provided by the University of Phoenix to assist in your success. For example, did you know that the University of Phoenix Library contains thousands of up-to-date journals, newspapers, industry reports, and research databases? This Scavenger Hunt will send you on a search to answer 14 questions similar to the following question:

Access the University Library page and select the Apollo Library Handbook. Open the handbook and go to the Company Directories and Financials section. Which one of the following databases is listed under that section?

1. Datamonitor Business Information Center provides detailed coverage of companies, industries, and countries. Included are over 10,000 country profiles, over 2000 industry profiles, and over 50 country profiles.

2. Investext Plus provides complete images in PDF format of analysts’ reports on a variety of industries and publicly traded companies. The reports found in Investext Plus can be used for access to detailed information about earnings, growth, market share, and other aspects of company and industry performance.

3. EIU® Viewswire® provides current coverage of political and economic trends in 195 countries. Risk analysis and economic forecasts are provided for virtually all nations. This resource is recommended for courses in economics and international business.

4. Business Insights, formerly known as Reuters Business Insight offers in-depth research reports regarding industries, marketing, and technologies. This database is recommended for courses in business and technology management.

The correct answer is number 2; however, all four of these resources can be valuable tools for your research.

The Hunt Begins Here…

1. Did you know

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