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Days Of Siege Chapter Summary

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Hedges and Sacco began Days of Siege with a story of a robbery that involved Silvia Ramos and her husband Hernandez. I think that it was a good way to start the chapter because it was so different from the first chapter, Days of Theft. The story portrayed was strong, descriptive, and showed the highlight of the chapter, Camden. This city sits on the edge of the Delaware River facing Philadelphia and is described in detail from a man named Banks. Banks, is a former prisoner who shot his best friend to death. On page 66, Banks describes the Transitional Park that he runs. Here, he provides free tents to the homeless and makes strict restrictions on fighting, arguing. Additionally, Banks has tent inspections every Saturday. The detail that Banks describes makes me feel like I am at the Transitional Park. …show more content…
In a way, it makes me think of a campground or a trailer park. An interesting point about Camden is that it has seven hundred and thirty-three homeless and only two hundred twenty beds are available at the Transitional Park. Although city officials tolerate the park due to its illegality, I don’t think that would ever happen in Michigan, it would be shut down in a minute. There is a disproportional number of beds and homeless, the number is not even relatively close. Hedges and Sacco describe Camden as a dead city that produces and makes nothing. It is one of the most dangerous and poorest cities in the United States. I find it interesting that the city’s drug trade in the only thriving business. To me, it seems like cities in poverty always fall to drugs, which causes an increase in

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