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Christian Rosales
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Sudan, as the largest country in Africa has been involved in internal conflicts since the independence of 1956. Recently, the conflicts have been most prevalent in the western region of Sudan known as Darfur. The conflicts in Darfur revolved around a myriad of levels of complexities including that of the international level with terms that western countries define as genocidal. The origins of the genocidal views pertain to the rising internal tensions that have caused a civil dispute between the north and the south. Meanwhile, the Islamist National Front (NIF), a powerful political party lead by Omar Hassan al-Bashir, took advantage of the Sudanese political instability to rise into power and reform governmental policies in Sudan. Since the ruling of al-Bashir many Sudanese people have become frustrated with rising levels of poverty, humanitarian reform, lack of representation within the government, and support for the pro government militia known as the Janaweed. Rising oppositions of the al-Bashir totalitarian regime became victims of a brutal genocidal act enforced by the president of Sudan. Consequently, the issue has captured the attention of the UN and pro-western democracy countries around the world. Over the course of history there has been a sudden increase in international influence and responsibilities on the major countries that represent a unified regime. Western influence has spread to become the main source of influence in the world; however rising economic influence has allowed China, an anti -western humanitarian policy advocate, to become an influential country. China's paradoxical humanitarian intervention policy has allowed China‚Äôs intervention policy in Darfur to evolve to become more flexible despite ingrained national sovereignty values. Therefore China has taken a greater responsibility as a…...

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