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Death and Greif

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Tenia Barbee
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Final paper Whenever someone dies, it can be one of the most horrible times in a family’s life. The whole process takes a toll on everyone in the family. Changes begin to take effect as soon as the death is announced and people cope in their own ways. Those individuals who go through these changes vary in age. Not only do adults go through the mourning stage, but the younger children and teenagers do as well. How they deal with the loss is what distinguishes them from each other as well as the different ages. The reaction of an 8-year-old being told someone or something has died will vary from that of an 18-year-old. In my paper, I’m going to be exploring the idea of death and the aftermath based on 3 different age groups. There is going to be a lot of information, but in the end it will be worth it. You will understand the impact of death on various types of people, and maybe you’ll learn how to help someone should you be put in the position. Death takes a toll on children as well as adults. It may not be as overwhelming to children, but it has its effects. How do you tell a child that someone or something dear to them as died? According to the child bereavement UK organization, there is a certain approach you should take. In order to make some sense of what has happened, children need information and explanations. These need to be honest, simple, and in language that the children understand. For example, when talking to a child you should tell them as soon as the death occurs. Don’t wait or they might find out from someone else or over hear a conversation they heard. Children should always be told the truth and they need to be told by a family member. This ensures comfort and gives them a sense of who they can trust. Subtleness is the key when informing children on a death in the family. Adults usually like to come...

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