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Democracy in America Today


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Democracy in America Today
October 16, 2011

Final Project: Democracy in America Since the beginning of American Democracy it has been morphed from the founder’s format. With all its changes, it still functions as a well-constructed form of democracy that supports our nation. American democracy has both strengths and weaknesses. Government spending or over-spending is a core issue facing our nation in these economically troubled times. There are many points to be addressed regarding American government today. Adjustments within American democracy have caused us to land in our current situation of economic uncertainty. Some of these developments have actually had a negative impact on democracy and the people of America. Some have enabled us to have vast achievements within our government. Our ability to take care of ourselves and continue to achieve greatness has been diminished by some of these changes. We will always face challenges and issues in our country, but we need to be able to see these problems and move forward in a positive way. The commonality between all American’s with regard to their views on democracy is that the very status of that democracy impacts every citizen of America. There are distinct views of democracy and the issues facing American government. “Democracy is the means to select any policy maker and government, in which the policy would then represent the citizens’ preferences” (Edwards, Wattenberg, & Lineberry, 2008, p.14). The apex of democracy is freedom and justice for all. The right to free speech is one of the most inherent liberties accorded to every U.S. citizen. In other countries this is not a “birth right” and it is not a right we should take lightly. Americans also experience several other distinctive freedoms. The right to vote, freedom of religion, and the right to act as long as

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