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Progressivism In America

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The early nineteen hundreds, a time when America was transforming into a world power with great inventions and progress. The definition of freedom, equality and life itself were redefined in completely different ways than before. The idea of freedom was now based around goods and how much “material goods” you could acquire, and the more you acquired the freer you became. In all this the idea of progressivism found its place and spread quickly to most of the population, in fact the idea is still pretty popular today. In all the glory and abundance that the United States was in at the time, made many people consider that America should spread its ways across the world in any way possible, despite opposition against this idea it had an effect …show more content…
However, before he could make the world safe for democracy he needed to reform America and how they viewed personal freedom and things like that. The progressivism idea for America was not necessarily bad, however it led to much progress in the society that some did not agree with. With the progressives and socialists spreading the idea that the people should be free and education should be free, and people should control the government etc. movement like the birth control movement, woman’s suffrage and others like this were encouraged, however many people were not happy with this while others in these cases almost every woman was happy because of the new freedoms. So the policies of the Era encouraged progress, but many people thought that this progress was destroying the morals, traditions and beliefs of the …show more content…
Plato once said, “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty” and to some extent it is true. The other quote that would go along with this one is by Jack McDevitt who is an American novelist, he stated, “Plato is correct about democracy. It is essentially mob rule. And once the mob gets an idea into its collective head, it’s almost impossible to get it out, or modify it in any way. In an era of mass communication and irresponsible media, it can be a deadly characteristic. “(izquotes) Aristotle and Plato both agreed that democracy was not a good form of government because maybe it would work for little nations with few different cultures and beliefs of people but not for big nations, so in this case it would be America which is called the melting pot of the world. The problem with democracy is that it needs to give everyone equality and when you have different beliefs, religions and cultures together it is basically impossible to do that, someone always ends up being discriminated against. For example if we take a country such as Syria and try to make it democratic, how well will this plan go? How is the government going to please the super radical Muslims and the Christians and other groups that are

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