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Dengue Fever

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Mosquito-Borne Viral Infection, ‘Dengue.'

Dengue fever is considered as the fastest emerging viral infection which is spread by the female mosquito “Aedes aegypti.” ( Fever,2011). The disease has caused major health effects in many tropical and sub-tropical countries in Asia, Western Pacific and Central and South America ( Fever,2011).The disease causes flu-like illness which develops into serious complication which is called dengue haemorrhagic ( DHF). The disease has grown drastically over the decades, and it has affected approximately 2.7 billion people globally. Most of the population affected about 75% is that from Asia and Pacific region. With the changing disease epidemiology, the outbreaks of the disease are increasing as the disease is spreading to new areas. The disease mostly affects children under five years of age. Approximately 50-60 million cases of dengue fever occur annually worldwide, and half of the infected population require medical attention every year ( Fever,2011). The disease also causes deaths to about 3 % of the population affected by dengue fever. Dengue fever has no specific treatment, but early detection and proper medical attention will save patients’ lives. The disease is a major epidemic in Africa in the World Health Organizations regions. Prevention and control of this disease will depend on how the vectors will be monitored effectively. Vaccine for the dengue fever has been authorized to areas experiencing this kind of illness. The vaccine is administered to persons aged 7- 45 years of age ( Fever,2011).
Cause Of The Dengue Fever
The dengue fever virus is of the family Flaviviridae and genus Flavivirus. Aedes mosquito transmits the virus. The mosquito mainly lives in altitudes of 1000 m below sea level. The mosquitos mostly bite during the morning hours, but they can also bite at other...

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