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How is the initial material being researched and developed at significant stages during the process of creating drama?
Explored using the grid, tron , how you experimented with it -

How effectively are you personally exploring and developing your role(s)?
As our piece was centered on the Disinhibition effect we allocated its five factors to each member in the group, to generate ideas for individual scenes and characters.
I explored the ‘It’s just a game’ theory, which concerns the concept of escapism and imagination, where people may view cyberspace as a kind of game where the normal rules of everyday interaction don’t apply to them. Through the depiction of the phrases ‘escapism’, ‘imagination’, and ‘game’ I was immediately able to match the concept with the social entertainment website, IMVU, where members use avatars to create their fantasy world online – corresponding with the notion of avoiding reality.
Using this idea of IMVU in facilitating a scene, I was able to carry out research on the website to begin forming a role. My character being a middle-aged woman was brought about through my findings that, with core members on the site being between the ages of 18-24, only 7% of active individuals are 35 plus. I thought this would be interesting to explore as with core members for the site being between the ages of 18-24, only 7% of individuals active are 35 plus – which I thought would be interesting to explore.
I thought this was interesting as what a woman being doing?
Also foxy bingo – how they target your average working class woman - I made a profile of the things she would go on to get to IMVU, such as dating forums, foxy bingo on TV.

which I thought would be interesting to explore. After brainstorming different scenarios which could suggest why my character avoided the real world via an online virtual world, I decided to establish her as a bored single mother, living on a rundown estate.
Created profiles of what she does online – how she ended up on iMVU
In the process of developing my character, I looked back at a role I had taken in a scene scrapped beforehand, which focused on portraying how our dependency on technology was turning us into a primitive society. Establishing a scenario of an Iphone 5 being released, we created a range of characters from the general public that would purchase it: A geek/techno-kid/businesswoman/working class man/mother purchasing for her son – being my character. There was a key moment where we decided the order in which they would be assembled in the cue which would represent the most primitive creature (Duray the techno geek) and the most evolved (the mother) based on their dependency on technology.early steps in to this – vulnerable character.

There was a key moment where all characters stood in a line outside the shop, which symbolized a line of evolution – having the more technical advanced people eagerly waiting in front with the least at the back. My character
We also decided the order in which

One key moment
I decided to research this further by creating an IMVU account and was able to see what it was about – saw that people could be whoever they wanted to be (saw the positive and negative sides to this)
Type of person that watches foxy bingo and becomes trapped in to the glamour of it
Vulnerable character – haven by herself – byt people can relate to her feel pathos for her, even though supermarket scene was positive it still had a negative side – the fact that I never talk to nayone outsidmy computer – distance myself from people – give the last line of your monologue.
It's just a game
Core Concept: Dissociative Imagination is In this way, the user is able to dissociate their online persona from the offline reality, effectively enabling that person to don that persona or shed it whenever they wish simply by logging on or off.
In the production, the shuffling of online avatars in my scene was implemented
Through further research on how users can operate the site alongside exploring the things its offers, through creating an IMVU account myself, I was able to implement the process into
To further my research I also created an IMVU account, which deepened my knowledge on the ways that

The IMVU notion was also employed in the swish scene and in the general monologue<
This initially

Also the fact that it facilitates users to meet new people, chat, create and play games with their friends made me

For example, Cain’s title from the disinhibtion effect was ‘You don’t know me’ which he found concerned the anonymity of a user, which could therefore permit an outlet for behaviors that others might term antisocial or harmful, and the kind that one would avoid in a normal face-to-face interaction. The depiction of expressions such as ‘antisocial’ and ‘anonymity’ allowed Cain to match the concept with that of an Internet Troll. With further investigation, he

How did you and your group explore the possibilities of form, structure and performance style? * Form: * started off with monologue – too fractured and fragmented – started off wanting non-naturalistic scenes, * Needed naturalistic scenes but didn’t highlight the message * Narrative framework (using Neurolink scenes plus cult scenes) which fractured a framework * Cross cut as well – helped sign post the message
* All seemed really negative * Positive/negative aspects of technology – prologue and epilogue * Knew episodic so that we could convey message

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