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Documentation in Human Service

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project
Steven Comer
Documentation in Human Services
Professor Lisa Futtner
April 29, 2011

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Project

Background Final agency is a nonprofit organization in the city of Saratoga that provides shelter and rehabilitative services to enable homeless persons to find permanent housing. The stakeholders are employees, clients, visitors, investors, the board of directors and the community. The agency has all their records stored in paper format or on old computers.
Statement of Need
· Final agency needs an electronic records system that will be used to enter physicians’ orders, document patient care, assessing client need to allow various health care providers to communicate, to support reimbursement, referral network drug and alcohol counseling, mental health counseling, and employment counseling. It should demonstrate the current client situation, client history
· Plan of action for service decisions and actions, including the purpose, goals, plans, outcome and process of services.
Install system that provides and supports the following: Electronic client registration, physician order entry, health care provider documentation and procedure results, medication management, and billing and finance information.

Mission and Goals of Project

An Electronic Medical Records (EMR) application can provide a graphical user interface which networks with existing systems already used by in the facility or create a new system that did not exist. The system can incorporates structured entries that capture procedural codes and diagnostic codes which allows future access to client records for reviewing reports and health studies. Epidemics and trends and can easily be determined with this application. The goals of the...

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