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Domestic Refrigerator Market in India 2012
Description: Domestic Refrigerator market in India is one of the fastest growing segments of the consumer durable industry and is witnessing significant growth on account of rising per capita income and improved social indicators. . The market is estimated to be worth INR 97.69 bn in 2010. Increasing role of the government to support FDI in India and easy availability of financing will also drive the industry. The report begins with the market overview section that gives an insight into the consumer durable industry, its market size and segments. This is followed by the overview of the domestic refrigerator market in India which includes the market size and growth as well as the market share of major players, with a brief description of the penetration level of various consumer durable products. Distinction between various types of refrigerators on the basis of their mechanism and features is also included in this section. Market share based on the type of refrigerator is provided. Domestic refrigerator exports and imports of India have also been covered, both in terms of value and volume. Imports of refrigerator have declined in the recent past; however, the decline is relatively stable in comparison to that of exports. Furthermore, a Porter’s five forces model is provided to understand the competitive scenario prevailing in the domestic refrigerator market. An analysis of the drivers and challenges explains the factors leading to the growth of the industry. Increasing disposable income has been one of the key factors augmenting the demand for domestic refrigerators. In addition, growth in retail sector and improved social indicators such as increase in discretionary spending also promotes the growth of consumer goods. Government initiatives aiming at enhancing international trade coupled with relaxation of FDI policies provides many lucrative opportunities for existing players to grow and expand. Furthermore, new financing strategies and availability of credit have helped consumers to easily afford high priced consumer products. High input costs and import duties are the major constraints faced by the manufacturers in this market. Environmental hazards and poor response from rural areas have also restricted the growth of the refrigerator market. The competition section starts with a price comparison across different brands of refrigerators. This is followed by a bubble chart where the relative positions of the players are depicted with respect to their revenue, net profit and market capitalization. It also includes profiles of the major players in the market along with their financials. Key ratios and list of important contact persons are also listed. Key geographic areas and major business segments are included as well. Key developments that have taken place in the market have been identified. The recommendation section provides insights into the future outlook of the market as well as proposes actionable insights expected to lead to a growth in the market.


Page 1: Executive Summary Market Overview Page 2: Consumer Durable Industry – Market Size (2011-15) & Market Classification Page 3: Indian Refrigerator Market Overview – Market Size & Growth (2010-2014); Market Share (2011) Page 4: Types Of Refrigerators – On the basis of mechanism and features Page 5: Porter’s Analysis Export - Import Page 6: Refrigerators Exports – Overview; Total Exports – Value (2007-08 to 2010-11); Total Exports – Volume (2007-08 to 2010-11) Page 7: Refrigerators Imports – Overview; Total Imports – Value (2007-08 to 2010-11); Total Imports – Volume (2007-08 to 2010-11) Drivers and Challenges Page 8: Summary Page 9-13: Drivers Page 14-16: Challenges Competition Page 15: Competition – Price Comparison across Products Page 17: Major Public Companies – Summary Page 18-26: Profile of Key Players (Public) Page 27: Major Private Companies – Summary

Page 28-41: Profile of Key Players (Private) Strategic Recommendations Page 42: Recommendations Appendix Page 43: Appendix List of Charts & Figures Market Overview 1. Consumer Durable Industry: Market Size (2010-2015e) 2. Refrigerator Market: Market Size (2010-2014) 3. Refrigerator Market: Market Share by Player (2011) 4. Split Across Direct Cool and Frost Free Refrigerators (2011) Export – Import 5. Total Exports – Value and Volume (2007-08 – 2010-11), Country-wise Segmentation – Value and Volume (2007-08 – 2010-11) 6. Total Imports – Value and Volume (2007-08 – 2010-11), Country-wise Segmentation – Value and Volume (2007-08 – 2010-11) Drivers and Challenges 7. Aggregate Consumption (2005 – 2025e) 8. Aggregate Disposable Income (2005 – 2025e) 9. Retail Market Segmentation 10. Growth in Retail Sector (2010-2020e) 11. Share of Household Consumption (2005 – 2025e) Competition 12. Company profiles a. Bubble Chart (Based on revenue, net income and market capitalization / asset value) b. Financial Snapshot (All Companies) c. Key Business Segments (Public Companies) d. Key Geographic Segments (Public Companies) List of Tables Market Overview 1. Types Of Refrigerator – On the basis of mechanism and features Competition 2. Price Matrix 3. Company profiles (All companies) a. Company information b. Products and services c. Key people d. Key Financial Performance Indicators e. Key Ratios f. Key Recent Developments Appendix 4. Ratio Calculations


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